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How to Lose Weight with BJJ

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How to Lose Weight with BJJ

Who does not want to be fit? But running or treadmills aren’t everyone’s favorite. If it is the same with you then you should consider trying martial arts for a change. You do not have to fear the typical cardio. It has the ability to keep you engaged in it and has a lot of other benefits. BJJ is one of the best fat burning workouts, not that other forms aren’t good. Many people think that BJJ is dangerous as it gets intense. True, but it is as dangerous as other physical workouts. It is time you put on some BJJ gloves, shorts and spats then see it for yourself.

How can you benefit from it?

UFC or a caged ring fight could be one of the first things that come to mind when you think of BJJ. If yes then, of course, BJJ would seem dangerous and blood sport to you. But you do not have to or could not go directly there. Thus, there is no need to worry. Plus, there are many local gyms that just focus on high-intensity workouts. If sparring is not your thing then you should definitely join those. 

Other benefits, if you go for real BJJ training and not just the weight loss one, are learning self-defense. All the martial arts do teach you self-defense but BJJ is one of the best ones. The intense BJJ workouts will help the brain release chemicals which make you feel happy and good. With training, you will find a good company which can even become a family. All the support and strength are not just physical but mental too. Meaning, BJJ can help you deal with depression, anxiety, sadness, etc. Oh, how can you forget the better sleep it will cause. The list of benefits is just too long but these are the really big ones.


High-Intensity Interval Training short for HIIT is an intense high-intensity exercise with short low-intensity or rest periods. HIIT has known for its efficiency and great results, which are even better than long cardio sessions. Most of your BJJ workouts reflect HIIT type training, meaning they are short but intense. This means BJJ is as great as, if not better then HIIT, for weight loss. But we know that apart from weight loss there are many other benefits too. 

Feeling overwhelmed?

Are you overwhelmed? Are you afraid that you would have to pack your gear, put on rash guards and shorts, and spar daily? Do you think you would have to train 7 days a week? While if you can it would be good but it is not mandatory. In fact, training every day is not a problem and neither training for just 4 or even 3 days a week is. Just start from where you are comfortable and progress from that point slowly. Don’t be afraid to talk to your trainer about any problems, if you have them.

Does it have to be BJJ?

If you want to do boxing or Muay Thai or any other form of combat sport then go for it. Just start with what you like, forcing yourself to do what you don’t want to can take you through the quitting door. We don’t want that to happen, do we? Every form of martial art is great and holds great benefits when it comes to weight loss, strength, physical and mental health benefits. It is just that some forms are better at teaching self-defense than others. 

Remember, there is no superior form or better student. Your experience and skills are what make you better than any other person. 


The selection of the right gear and the gym depends on what you need and what you are looking for. Some gyms will train you as a real BJJ fighter either or not you want to be a professional. While some just focus on the workouts and there is no sparring. So, first, decide what you want and then search for that type of gym.

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