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  • Black Friday Sale is LIVE!

    Black Friday Sale is LIVE!

    Our Black Friday Sale is Live! 15% off everything! Use Code BLACKFRIDAY2021 at Checkout. New Items!!! Back Pack Buy Back Packs here: New Limited Edition 2021 Rash Guard Buy the New Rash Guard Here: NEW DOJO SPATS/LEGGINGS! Buy those here: New Dojo Hand Wraps!!! Buy these here: Dojo Rash Guard Buy the Dojo Rash Guard Here: Dojo Grey Gi's Buy the Gi's here: Dojo Black "Toothless" Gi's ....

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  • New Kid's Dojo Gi's Available for Preorder!

    New Kid's Dojo Gi's Available for Preorder!

    Hey everyone! As our Kid's BJJ Program continues to grow, we've added a Kid's BJJ Dojo Gi! It's now available for preorder. Click the link below to pre-order but beforehand, refer to the sizing guide to see which best fits. Click here to Pre-order!! Supplies are limited! They are on-sale for pre-orders - normally $120 each, they're only $99! Click here to Pre-order!! ....

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  • Return of In-Person Kid's Classes!

    Return of In-Person Kid's Classes!

    Hey all, Our Kid's Program is returning to in-person classes as of today. We're super excited to see everyone - but there are a few changes to note. The class is Monday and Wednesday only at 5pm - the class length is 30 minutes to allow time to clean afterward. We will be taking temperatures as you coming in - we check-in everyone for contact tracing. The max temp is 99.9 degrees. If you or your child are experiencing any symptoms or sick, please do not come to class. Your child will need a family member as their partner - if your child's partner is not a member of the dojo, they may train with your child for free during this time. We will be having your child and their partner ....

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  • Maintaining A Healthy Workout Routine Though BJJ

    Maintaining A Healthy Workout Routine Though BJJ

    Workout is a word that is surely going to catch the attention of most of us. If you want to become the heart and soul of friends get together, start sharing with them your daily workout routine, and how you dress up in your workout shirts to go to the gym and be in the right shape! And while weight loss might be one of the hottest topics out there, the chance is that one of your friends hates going to the gym. For them and even for an expert like you, perhaps, the best bet is BJJ. Believe me or not but even the top athletes undergo BJJ training to partake in the MMA. Moreover, when I tell you this, believe me, that BJJ is ideal for for those who want to maintain a healthy shape. In ....

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  • How to Lose Weight with BJJ

    How to Lose Weight with BJJ

    Who does not want to be fit? But running or treadmills aren’t everyone’s favorite. If it is the same with you then you should consider trying martial arts for a change. You do not have to fear the typical cardio. It has the ability to keep you engaged in it and has a lot of other benefits. BJJ is one of the best fat burning workouts, not that other forms aren’t good. Many people think that BJJ is dangerous as it gets intense. True, but it is as dangerous as other physical workouts. It is time you put on some BJJ gloves, shorts and spats then see it for yourself. How can you benefit from it? UFC or a caged ring fight could be one of the first things ....

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